NM500 Multi Phase Prepaid Meter

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NM500 Multi Phase Prepaid Meter

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This meter can be utilized for prepayment (Comply with STS standard) and post payment applications (selectable by utility company). NM500 utilizes PLC, RF or Cable communication to CIU as an option and PLC or RF communication to Dat. It is featured with high accuracy, strong functions and good stability, with remote pre-pay function, is an ideal watt-hour meter for reform of traditional electricity utilization system and improvement of electricity utilization management level.
The Meter is adopt high reliable and long-life electric components, hi-overload, no need re- calibrate for long term operation.


  • Installation: Front board three fixed installation
  • Meter cover: ABS anti flaming with transparent window
  • Meter base: ABS anti flaming
  • Terminal Cover: ABS anti flaming
  • Display: Cyclometer 5+1 digits or LCD display 6+1 digits
  • Standard configuration one port of pulse output passive (polarity)
  • Forward active energy and reverse active energy measurement
  • Meter accuracy comply with international standard IEC62053-21 & IEC62052-11

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