DNS 700S Single Phase IRDA Meters

Day & Night Engineering is running as the BEE side of Automatic Mass Products (DNE), which has been running since 1993 (30 years).

DNS 700S Single Phase IRDA Meters

Category :

salient Features

Available in Single Phase : 5-20A, 5-30A, 10-60A

Accuracy Class 1.0 as per IS 13779

Display / Data down loading in absence Power

Large Size LCD Display for Simultaneous display of Billing Parameters :

(a). kWh

(b). Maximum Demand

(C ). Average pf

Optional RS 232 Port of Data download and GSM / GPRS Modem communication

Logging and display of tamper data

TOD, load survey, tamper information downloadable to CMRI

Low voltage operation up 96 Volt (Ph-N).

Compatible for spot billing machine to print bill on site

Large Range of Meter Boxes to house these Meters

Supplied over 30 million meters to various utilities in India

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