DN500 3 Phase Off Grid Solar Inverter 30KW

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DN500 3 Phase Off Grid Solar Inverter 30KW

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Product Feature

  1. adopting the advanced dual-CPU single-chip intelligent control technology, microcomputer control, user-friendly design, high reliability, low failure characteristics; 2. high-quality pure sine wave AC output, with a load capacity, wide application; 3. with complete protection(overload protection, internal over-temperature protection, output short circuit protection, input under-voltage protection, input over-voltage protection etc. ),greatly improving product reliability.

Product Specification / Models

  • Model (TLS- )
  • TLS-2KW
  • TLS-3KW
  • TLS-4KW
  • TLS-5KW
  • TLS-6KW
  • TLS-8KW
  • TLS-10KW
  • TLS-12KW
  • TLS-15KW
  • TLS-20KW
  • Size: 780*545*745mm Weight: 107KGS

Application / Models

Can be applied to variours fields,mainly for solar power,wind power,battery power and scenery lamp power

Other Information

Strong IP65 (NEMA 4) protection,completed sealed cover suitable for harsh environment Advanced MPPT tracking No isolation transfomer H6 full-bridge structure,highest efficiency reach 97% (Europe 96.5%) Over voltage,short circuit,overload,overheat and islanding protection etc Different national standards for choice Multi-language LCD display,convenient for users to monitor main parameters from different countries Max MPPT voltage range

Product Description

  • High efficiency
  • DC to AC coupling

Sine wave series inverter is one of the most advanced DC to AC conversion products in the world, it has the main advantages of high quality sine wave AC output, microcomputer control, humanness design, and it is simple, stable, no noise and no pollution. It is suitable use for areas without electricity, vehicles, ships, solar energy, wind turbine etc. The inverter can also supply AC voltage to all kinds of power tools, air conditioners, electric motors, refrigerators, fluorescent lights, televisions, electric fans and other power supply.

The inverter output waveform is sine wave; this kind of AC power is suitable for most industrial electronics and home appliances, the power supply features much better than other modified sine wave and square wave.

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