DN10000 watt pure sine wave power

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DN10000 watt pure sine wave power

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Product Feature

  1. Two types of start mode: Step-down Voltage Start and Variable Frequency Start. Customers can set start mode according to the nature of their load. Take inductive load easily, save the cost of frequency converter and not need enlarge too many power.
  2. The output frequency can be set.
  3. The output voltage can be set between -40 % to +20 % of rated voltage.
  4. The DC input voltage range can also be set. Over-voltage point, under-voltage point, over-voltage recovery point , under-voltage recovery point all can be set via the LCD panel. Convenient for increasing or reducing the quantity of batteries, photovoltaic modules also can be used flexibly.
  5. The under-voltage recovery time can be set.
  6. Pure sine wave output. with good transient response less than 50MS, little harmonic distortion, higher conversion efficiency and stable output voltage.
  7. Powerful data display and fault instruction function.The LCD can display DC input voltage, output frequency, phase voltage, phase current, AC bypass input voltage, Generated amount KWH, time and date, temperature, fault code display.
  8. Using the fifth generation efficient IPM intelligent module from Japanese Mitsubishi, with high efficiency and stable performance. It also with powerful protection function, the protection for short circuit, over load, over temperature is more safe and reliable. It’s service life can up to 15 years or more.
  9. Wide input voltage can be set according to customer’s requirement. Input voltage range can be selected from 100-500v, 200-850v.
  10. The Inverter is suitable for areas without electricity, motor, marine, solar power system, wind power systems etc.
  11. Output AC Power is suitable for all types of home appliances, LED lamps, electric tools, electric motors etc.
  12. High conversion efficiency, max Efficiency is 98%.
  13. With Low Frequency Transformer, which ensures that inverter has high efficiency


Product Specification / Models

  • Model Number: DNS10000VA
  • Size: 400*700*750mm
  • Weight: 115KGS

Application / Models

Can be applied to variours fields,mainly for solar power,wind power,battery power and scenery lamp power.

Other Information

  • Strong IP65 (NEMA 4) protection,completed sealed cover suitable for harsh environment
  • No isolation transfomer H6 full-bridge structure,highest efficiency reach 97% (Europe 96.5%)
  • Over voltage,short circuit,overload,overheat and islanding protection etc
  • About Price:DNinverter@163.com

Product Description

  • Brand Name: DNS10000
  • Model Number: DNS10000VA
  • Output Power: 10KW
  • Output Type: Triple
  • Size: 400*700*750mm
  • Weight: 115KGS
  • Input Voltage: 96V
  • Output Voltage: 380V
  • Type: DC/AC Inverters
  • Output Frequency: 50Hz
  • Output Current: 15A
  • Color: Bule and white
  • Display: LCD
  • Gross Weight: 125KGS
  • CBM/CTN: 460*780*930mm
  • DC 240V: OK
  • Solar Wind Hybrid: Yes
  • Logo: OEM
  • Waveform: Pure sine wave

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